Signs ~  You will notice the following items in your front yard ~ Mazyck Sign ~ Voice Pad Sign ~ Flier Box or Info Tube (if occupied). The signs are a very important part of our aggressive marketing approach. They allow us to capture local buyer traffic and follow up immediately. The Info Tube currently has “Temporary Fliers” in it, but personalized fliers should arrive in the mail to you in 5-7 business days. (We typically do not put fliers on vacant homes).

Photos ~  Interior and exterior photos have been strategically taken to present your home’s best appearance in our internet and print marketing.

What Now? ~ I will be e-mailing a copy of your MLS listing for you to proof.  Additionally, an introductory e-mail will be sent to you from Centralized Showing Service (CSS). It will include your login & password to access their website and view feedback on your showings. FYI – your login is the e-mail address that you supplied us at the time of your listing and the password is your street name.

Suggestions ~ It’s important to create a pleasant first impression when potential buyers drive up to your house.


Consider curb appeal:   *Manicure Lawn    *Trim Trees & Shrubs    *Plant Flowers    *Restain or Repaint Front Door

Consider the interior:    *Neutralize Wall Colors    *Clean Carpets (and stretch if loose)    *Wash Windows   

*De-clutter Bedrooms & Closets (especially master bedroom closet)    *Limit # of Appliances on Kitchen Counters

*Most Importantly ~ Clean House from Top-to-Bottom (or hire a cleaning service)    *Sanitize Kitchen & Bathrooms

*Change HVAC Filters    *Dust Ceiling Fans    *Add Plug-In Type Air Fresheners Throughout (statistically vanilla is the most universally pleasing scent).

When a Showing is Scheduled ~ Please try NOT to decline any showing requests, if possible. The more people we get through the front door, the better our chances of finding a buyer for your house. Here are a few tips to help the buyer feel comfortable while viewing your house. Prior to each showing, or in the morning before leaving:

*Open Drapes or Blinds     *Turn on Some Lights     *Turn on Soft Music     *Remove or Crate Pets     *Keep Temp Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter     *Try not to Speak with Potential Buyers     *Leave Once the Buyers Arrive (or at least go to another room or the patio).