The Ultimate Dallas-Fort Worth Sellers Guide

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful times in your life. On top of the house sale, you are planning to pack up your belongings and move them to start a new life in a different location. The key ingredient in selling your home is the real estate agent you hire. If you have an agent with a proven track record, you can decrease that stress a little. If your agent listens to your needs and devises a plan to market your home, you can continue to reduce your stress level. If your agent discusses comparables in the area and sets realistic goals for your selling experience, again the stress gets lower and lower.

The agent plays a major role in the process, but if you really do want a quick sale you need to listen to all the tips and tricks the agent will give you! Staging is very important in any market and spending the time to do it yourself, or having the agent refer you to a professional will pay off in the end.

Most sellers want to sell quickly and for the most money possible. If this is the case for you, then be sure to continue reading the Ultimate Dallas-Fort Worth Sellers Guide to gain a solid understanding of what is involved in the selling process.

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How To Sell Your Home In Dallas-Fort Worth

1. Deciding To Sell Your Home

The first step before doing anything with your home is to make the decision to sell your property. There are many reasons why people sell homes. Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, relocating for work, or looking for a life change, it is good to know the reasons why you are selling. If you are moving into a new home or relocating for work then what is your timeline? This will have a big impact on the selling process and is definitely something your real estate agent should know.

Keep in mind, most real estate agents have dealt with all different reasons for selling a home. Don’t be afraid to talk out your plan and explain why you are selling. In the case that you want to move to a different area of the same city, the agent you hire should have a good idea of your requirements and be able to point you in the right direction for buying your next home. If you are moving to a different city then the agent you hire may be able to help with moving, storage, and even have the name of a trusted real estate agent in the city you are going to. The bottom line is to understand your situation, so you can ask specific questions when you decide to pick up the phone and start your selling process with an agent.

2. Hire A Real Estate Agent

We know Mike Mazyck Realty has the best agents in the business to get your home sold! We are confident we will provide you with excellent service and results. We are so sure of our abilities to help you sell your home that we write the following into every listing agreement: "Seller may cancel this listing at any time, at no charge." You are the one that should be in control of your listing, so there is no risk of being locked into a long-term agreement. We believe any broker/agent should be willing to write this clause into their listing agreement.

We also believe you should interview your real estate agent. We provide a list of basic but critical questions that you should know the answer to before signing with an agent. Be sure to check out this list of questions on our Interviewing Your Real Estate Agent webpage.

3. Set The Listing Price

This is where you need to work with your realtor to understand the local market. Regardless of what you paid for your home or what your neighbor sold for 2 years ago, the market always has a current price that you need to pay attention to. Mike Mazyck Realty has been buying and selling homes in this area for many years and we have a good grasp on how much your home is worth. We will sit with you and go through comparables to ensure you understand what houses are selling for at the moment. If a house is priced too high it could sit on the market for a long time and net you less money than if it was priced fairly in the first place. Be assured that we take pricing a home very seriously as we know how hard you work for your money!

4. Market Your Home Correctly

Whether you need a lawyer, carpet cleaner, staging tip expert, flooring specialist, or foundation professional, we have selected our Preferred Vendors to help you get your home ready for selling. If we feel that making changes to your home will bring you a larger return then, and only then, will we make these suggestions. Doing major work before selling is not always a good thing unless you are in touch with market trends. If you spend thousands on updates that appeal to a small group of people then this may result in a lower sales price than if you left the home in the original state.

Your M.A.P. to Destination Sold! This is the Mazyck Action Plan that has worked for the homes that we have had the pleasure of listing and selling. We will do a pricing analysis, internet marketing, print advertising, use IVR Technology, utilize the seller incentive club, and be available 7 days a week to get your home sold!

5. Prepare Your Home For Showings

Once you are close to having your home on the market, it’s time to declutter and organize your home. As much as buyers say they can overlook mess or minor décor issues, many can’t. Take the time to follow your real estate agents advice in staging the home as they know what buyers can and can’t deal with. It is always good to depersonalize a space to allow for the buyer to imagine themselves in the space with their own personal effects. If you require some help with storing your belonging or staging your home, be sure to review our preferred vendors to help you through this process.

6. Negotiate For A Fair Price

This is the part that many dread, the negotiations. After weeks of packing up the kids and running around to do last minute organizing before showings, it is now time to work with your realtor to agree upon a price. With experienced real estate agents working for both parties the negotiations are generally pretty smooth. Agents know the fair value of a home and will work with the buyer and seller to ensure the best price possible. If you are in the position where you get a low offer, don’t be offended as the buyer is looking for a steal of a deal and is testing to see how desperate you are. As previously stated, the Mike Mazyck Realty experts have seen it all! So, let us do the negotiating and give you our professional opinion about the various offers you’ll receive!

7. Close The Sale

Once you have agreed to the conditions and selling price it is time for your real estate agent to get all the paperwork ready for you to sign. The agent will get all your information to your lawyer and begin the closing process. There may be closing costs that you have to deal with as the seller but this depends on your contract. As the possession date draws near, you’ll be getting your home ready for your big move. Keep in mind, we know a person for just about any task you’ll come across in the selling process, so be sure to ask us as that’s what we are here for! Also, If you're moving within the city, we'd love to represent you again when you buy your next home!

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