Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

If you're considering putting your Dallas-Fort Worth area home on the market, there are a few things you should do in advance. The prospect of selling your home can be many things — it can be exciting, sentimental, or even stressful. Of course, you want to avoid the latter if possible; this, however, can only be done through preparation and by avoiding common home seller mistakes. Whether this is your first time selling a home or you simply want to avoid hassle and anxiety in any way you can, this is the place to start. The sooner you start the process of getting your home sale-ready, the easier it is to avoid last minute obstacles. Here are 4 simple ways you can prepare your home now.

Create A Blank Slate

After living in a given home for several years, we can see what was once just a piece of property turn into a part of you and your family. Homes become personal emblems; they are filled with our posessions, our photos, and our memories. It's all very sentimental for you — but not for most buyers. When you're selling your house, you might be tempted to leave things unchanged, either because you think viewers will find it charming or out of defensiveness. However, paring your home down to a blank slate is one of the best things you can do to improve its chances of selling. Remove family photos, your kids' drawings, and eccentric artwork. Put away knick-knacks and anything that gives away your personal tastes, such as keepsakes of your favorite sports teams, books, and postcards. If you have polarizing taste in paint colors or decor, opt to re-paint in a neutral hue and to keep decor classic and minimalist. Prospective buyers should be able to envision themselves in your home, and that will prove difficult if your own personality shines through too much.

Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

There are not many occassions that call for your home to be professionally cleaned; most cleaning tasks can be done yourself. However, if you're ever going to embrace this extra expense, it should be before you show your home to potential buyers. This is particularly important in sizzling buyer markets, when viewers can afford to be particularly discerning. When selling, you should have professional carpet cleaners in, ensure windows are cleaned, and have the exterior power washed. Once everything is bright and sparkling, you can simply watch the offers roll in.

Spruce Up The Exterior

The outside of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees before a showing. As you may know, first impressions matter just as much in real estate as they do in a job search. Start the viewing off on the right foot by ensuring the exterior of your home is in tip top selling condition. This may require you to repair any mold or weather damage, clear leaves and debris, or even repaint. Power wash all decks, reseal driveways and patios, and have windows cleaned. Don't forget about the garden and landscaping as well — while it's not necessary to invest excessive amounts of time and money into the garden, at least make sure that it looks neat and well manicured. If you have grass, it should be cut and watered; weeds should be pulled too. In addition, trees should be pruned and hedges trimmed. A good exterior doesn't require luxury investments, it simply requires things to look clean, organized, and in fair condition. If you have to spend a little extra money, new exterior lighting can go a long way!

Leave Showings To Your Agent

As previously mentioned, we know selling your home can be exciting. You might feel tempted to stick around for showings and wax poetic about the wonders of living in your home and your neighborhood. Still, it's best if you can treat yourself to a spa day or head into the office and let your agent take care of the selling. You want interested buyers to feel free to speak openly about their concerns with the house, so that these can be put to rest. Viewers often feel more comfortable discussing details with a professional and may find an agent's perspective to be more objective than the owner's. Don't forget it's literally your agent's job to ensure the home is sold at a fair price and to the right buyer. Once you've found an agent you trust, sit back and let them make that happen for you!

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