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Our Requirements

  • Must be 100% full time in the business

  • Must have a clean track record and reputation within our industry

  • Must convey a professional image and demeanor

  • Must deliver exceptional customer service

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Our Requirements

  • Must be 100% full time in the business

  • Must have a clean track record and reputation within our industry

  • Must convey a professional image and demeanor

  • Must deliver exceptional customer service

Top Ten Reasons Agents Join Our Team

  1. Leads, Leads, Leads
    • We are generating over 2000 leads per month on average!
    • Agents have told us they receive more leads in a 1 hour shift on our team than taking a 3 hour shift at their previous brokerage!
    • Since Mike doesn't actively work with clients... he doesn't "cherry pick" the good leads and give his agents the junk!
    • You will never have to play secretary for the rest of the brokerage while on shift. Mike has paid staff to handle and coordinate administrative calls so that you will ONLY be focusing on lead generation.
  2. Our Agents Results...(stats taken 1-24-17)
    • Agents on the team for 12months or more AVERAGED $78,852.09 in income....AFTER BROKER SPLITS!
    • Agents on the team 24months or more AVERAGED $91,228.87 in income....AFTER BROKER SPLITS!
    • Agents on the team 36 months or more AVERAGED $108,767.83 in income....AFTER BROKER SPLITS!
  3. Client Concierge Program
    • Our client concierge program is designed to help you generate more referrals by providing services like…moving box delivery, utility set up, discount on re-key of your clients homes, closing day gifts, and much much more! Oh yeah…it's at our expense too!
  4. Marketing Systems
    • Our team is known for constantly pushing the limits and thinking outside the box with our Unique Service Propositions and Marketing Programs.
  5. Training
    • Our in-depth training curriculum will train you on all of the systems within our team and the advanced sales principles and strategies Mike has developed to ensure his agents succeed.
  6. Lead Follow Up Systems
    • You will be provided and trained on a PROVEN lead-follow up system to ensure your success.
    • Compare our site to the other brokerages and tell us which one is better! Mike invests thousands of dollars each monthto ensure that our site is on the cutting edge of what real estate websites are able to offer. Our results seem to say that what he is doing is working!
  8. Our Turn-Key Listing System
    • You will be trained on a cutting edge listing presentation that will dominate your competitors!
    • All marketing costs for your listings is provided at our expense!
    • All MLS entry , set-up of listings, sign installation, measurements, photography, sign pickups, sold sign installations,etc… is completed for you and at our expense!
  9. Our Company Results
    • We closedover 300 homes in 2014!
    • We closed over 488 homes in 2015!
    • We closed over 685 homes in 2016!
  10. VISION
    • With our unmatched customer service programs, unique marketing strategies, and highly trained agents…WE ARE TRULY DOING SOMETHING THAT HASN’T BEEN DONE BEFORE IN REALESTATE!

5 Questions You Must Ask

  1. Do you have marketing expertise and budget to generate a steady stream of leads into your business?
    • It takes a large budget and lots of marketing expertise to develop profitable marketing campaigns. These campaigns typically take 3-6 months or more of accruing expenses before you will see profit. We take this burden off your shoulders!
  2. Can you build TRUST?
    • The foundation of sales is the ability to persuade your clients to TRUST you. This is most easily done by having two things: A powerful marketing system for their home AND a track record that shows that the marketing system works! We provide both of these to you!
  3. Do you want to learn systems and presentations that are proven to work OR are you wanting to develop all of your own systems and presentations and hope they work?
    • Most agents take years floundering around because they don't have a comprehensive lead follow up system that works. Neither do they have a powerful listing presentation. We prove and train you on both!
  4. Are you learning from someone who has actually achieved the level of success you are wanting to achieve
    • Many brokerages have office managers/leaders who are placed in positions to coach agents on how to build a business that they themselves never actually built. You will continually be trained and taught by the leader of our company, Mike Mazyck, who sold 50 homes his first full year in the business and has grown a company that is projecting over 400 homes sold in 2015!
  5. Do you have a Unique Service Proposition?
    • A large part of your success and marketing will depend on whether or not you have something truly unique to offer to your clients... something you are offering them that no other agent is offering! Mike Mazyck Realty will provide these to you through programs such as our Client Concierge System, Seller Incentive Club, and our various different marketing packages for our listing clients!


Agent Testimonials

Kerri Vana Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Kerri >>

I have been with Mikes Realty Group for 1 year now and I am usually in the top 10 producing agents in the company because of the quantity and quality of leads that are provided to me. I have only lived in Dallas for 1 year so I do not have a sphere of influence built up yet so I depend on the leads provided by Mike.

Christina Lafferty Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Christina >>

On more than one occasion I have wondered why I waited so long to join Mike Mazyck Realty. It was evident from the start that I am more than just another warm body and office fee. They are genuinely interested in helping me grow and coaching me along the way. They want me to succeed and provide the tools that I know no other brokerage provides. Here I am not expected to be a professional photographer, marketing/media specialist, listing coordinator, client concierge, “for sale” sign storage and delivery service, etc. All of which (AND MORE) are available for ZERO additional cost to me or my client. These invaluable resources free up my time so I can do what I do best: sell. Did I mention they provide quality leads too? These leads are solid and certainly not leftovers from a more senior agent cherry picking them. Mike uses several different sources and if for whatever reason that source isn’t providing he knows almost immediately and redirects those funds. The days of sitting at a desk waiting for walk ins or relying on Zillow and have long passed. There is no doubt in my mind I made the right decision when choosing a broker. The leadership is always available, and the team mentality is phenomenal! While there is plenty of healthy competition, everyone is always eager to lend a helping hand, when needed. The systems here are top notch and you can take that to the bank. I am walking talking proof that an agent can make over $100k their first year on the team.

Nathan Sheckels

"Before joining the Mike Mazyck Realty Group, I had been with two other brokerages in less than two years as a licensed realtor. I found Mike's Group on Facebook and started researching. The lead generation, training, and support has been amazing. Since joining Mike Mazyck Realty Group in January 2016, it has been the best decision I could've made. I finally felt like I found a "home".
The lead generation, training, support, camaraderie between agents, and services that Mike's Group offers is unlike anything else. In just two full months with Mike and I have received over 150 leads and counting. Mike makes sure that you receive great training on the systems that the group utilizes for receiving and keeping up with your leads. The systems are user friendly and easy to use. It's really nice being able to have the systems and being able to work from home or on the go if necessary instead of having to go into a company office and spend hours there for one or two leads, if that. Mike offers a concierge service to our clients to make the home buying/selling/moving experience easier. Providing the concierge service may not seem like a big deal to some,  but trust me going that extra mile is one of the little things that ensure our clients will feel appreciated. 
If you are looking or thinking about making a change in your real estate career, I highly recommend the Mike Mazyck Realty Group. I would be happy to talk to you about joining the team, feel free to call me at 817-991-8180"

Nelda Walker

"I joined the Mike Mazyck Realty Group in October 2015. I found Mike on Facebook and started doing a little research to find everything I could about his team. What drew me to him was the leads, even though I had 20+ years in real estate I took a break so was out of the loop a bit. I like the idea of all the marketing he provides for his agents and the leads I have been receiving have been awesome. I have closed multiple leads he has given me and they just keep coming. Phone duty is unlike no other, I have sat on phones for hours at big offices and I might get one lead there in one hour time but with Mikes marketing we might get 10+ and your just trying to keep up but I have to say it’s pretty exciting! The key with working with this team is follow up with these leads on a daily basis until you have them hooked that you are the best agent for them. Mike provides us Top Producer which makes our daily follow up very easy to do. The other thing I am so impressed with is the team members, everyone helps out with phone time if you need to show homes. Our team will help out to open a door for a fellow teammate who just needs someone to let their client in to see a home. You can ask questions about a contract and you will have multiple people chiming in to help. We have wonderful training from an awesome lady that will help you with any questions you might have. She is the backbone of this team and we are all very fortunate to have her. She trains us for phone time while Mike gives us a great listing presentation that makes it very easy to get the listing. We have team members who will put the yard signs, lock boxes and flyers on the properties for us plus oversee our photo shoots for the home and take room measurements. It gives us the opportunity to keep following up with our listing and selling. We have a concierge group that will WOW your clients with all kinds of services that no other team does. If you or anyone you know are thinking about a change in your real estate career I would highly suggest you give them a call. This is a fast pace team and you need to give it your all and you will succeed. If you would like to visit with me further on a one on one please give me a call: Nelda Walker 469-688-9961 “This is the way Real Estate Should Be”

Mike Susko Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Mike >>

"Let me start by saying I think joining Mike’s team was one of the best decisions I have made! I worked with a couple of other brokerages since getting into real estate in 2008. I am now completing my second full month with the team and have had 3 closings this month and scheduled to close on over 1 million worth of property in April. May is already shaping up nicely too by the way!

 Mike let me know he planned on using this on a Facebook ad which is where I found him! I will admit I watched his ads on Facebook and visited his website probably once a week for about 6 months before I decided to make the call and now I just wished I had started this journey when I first saw it! I was concerned about joining a “team”, I thought I wanted to do it all myself, but I was not generating the new business. Now I have 148 leads in just over 2 months and more coming in every week!"

Lujenna Shumaker Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Lujenna >>
“Working with Mike Mazyck Realty has been a very rewarding experience! “The way Real Estate Should be” is no joke!  I have more freedom to be in control of my own schedule, and success!, by working from my home office and not getting bogged down with the distractions and demands of having to go into a Real Estate office.  Mike has excellent systems set in place for obtaining leads through extensive internet advertising, etc. and he is known for his  honesty and integrity.  Our Monthly team meetings are always very inspiring! The Mike Mazyck concierge service is very unique and greatly appreciated by my clients…to say the least.  All of us Realtors in Mike’s group are connected and supportive of one another, making us feel like family.  All of this, AND, my income doubled within the first six Months of joining!! Need I say more?  Feeling grateful for being part of this group!”

Missy Wadham Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Missy >>
I am so very thankful and blessed to work for Mike.  Being a part of his team has helped me to grow and develop into a better agent.  The agent I always wanted to be.
Before joining Mike's team, I received a lot of broken promises...from other teams and brokerages (even the big ones)....from support, to training and leads given.  I have never been on a team before where the team leader didn't "cherry pick" the best leads for themselves.  That is far from the truth here. The amount of leads I was able to work with other teams were slim to non, sometimes just lease-home leads.  Mike has given me the opportunity and coaching to grow into a confident and effective buying agent AND listing agent.
This is the team and company I have been looking for my whole real estate career.  I am extremely happy to be part of such of positive, motivational and supportive team.  With the systems that we have, the support we are given, I am able to be there more for my clients and have deeper relationships with them because I'm not spending my time on administrative/busy work.  I am able to be that agent that can focus on serving others and giving the customer service I have always wanted to give.
I am a RAVING agent!  I am posed and positioned now to always be able to improve myself, my systems, never stop learning and developing.  Being able to be a better person, wife, mother, REALTOR!
Here's to making a change and a difference for my clients and my community.  I can't thank the Team and Mike enough...for the support, the guidance and the motivation.  I am here to stay and will NEVER go anywhere else.
Very blessed to be a part of this company.  It took me a few years to find Mike, but the journey was worth it.  

Brian Lindley Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Brian >>
"I've been with Mike Mazyck Realty for almost three years, and I wished I'd arrived sooner. My first conversation with Mike impressed me with his attention to what I thought I wanted and how I thought I'd get it. By the end of that meeting, I realized I wanted MORE...and his team could get me there. His small and highly experienced team has developed into a formidable organization without the typical growing pains of progress. Mike Mazyck Realty provides me a high quantity and quality of leads along with superior training and technology. Our concierge services set me apart from my competition...and I hear my clients' appreciation every day. Mike drives me to listen...and to work smart for my clients, and for that, I thank him."

Amy Underwood

Hello, I’m Amy, and I’ve been a Realtor for ten years in the DFW metroplex, and have worked in a myriad of brokerages, consisting of:  corporate relocation, zero-fee, big name companies and also part-owner of my own real estate company. The past ten years, have been a struggle to maintain a steady stream of viable leads and consistent closings. About a year and a half ago, I decided to take a position with a home builder out of desperation. I wanted to stay in real estate, and needed a more stable income. After about six months of sitting in a model home, and having my daughter cry on the phone because I was never at home, I decided I had to make a change. I began to research brokerages that provided leads. I was always a little leery because companies will tell you they provide leads, but that usually equates to a few a month.

My husband started to put out some feelers with his mortgage friends, and one of them mentioned Mike Mazyck Realty. Being from McKinney, and originally from the Denton area, I had never heard of this company, but I decided to go ahead and contact Anita, then she set-up a meeting with Mike. I had zero expectations, and thought I was going to get the same song and dance I've heard many times with other brokerages.

After meeting with Mike, I quickly realized that his company was the real deal. His agents were getting a steady stream of leads, and consistently closing deals. I also couldn’t believe how many agents had been with him for years!! I decided to sign on, and I couldn’t be happier! This past year, 2015, was one of the best I’ve had in 10 years. I was even one of the top three sales people for 2 months.

The systems can be a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. I have learned to become a more disciplined agent, and I do a better job following up with my leads than ever before. With the client concierge program, I am now able to provide a level of service that will insure that my clients will refer me to all of their friends and family.  If you are considering making a change, don’t hesitate and give Mike or Anita a call today!!

J'Layne Mayfield Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About J'Layne >>
"I wanted to thank Mike Mazyck and Anita Barham our office manager for allowing me to be part of this amazing team of Realtors!  I knew when I returned to real estate that I wanted to choose a broker that would provide the support I needed to grow my business.  Mike has developed a system that does just that.  The amount of quality leads generated from the advertising that is paid for by Mazyck Realty is unreal.  Not to mention the many other perks provided to the agents such as our own assistant to run the extra errands that go hand in hand with real estate, the administrative women that line up photography, property uploads, and maintenance into the MLS on our listings, as well as the concierge services that make our clients feel like they are getting a full service experience.  All of these extra services allow us agents to stay focused on closing more deals and making more money.  If you are an agent that is looking to make a move to a new agency feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to discuss if Mike Mazyck Realty is a good fit for you. 972-814-4807"

Julia Stone

"Mike Mazyck Realty is the best brokerage I've worked for. I've been with a boutique brokerage and an internationally recognized brand brokerage and I can say without hesitation that Mike Mazyck Realty is by far the most client focused company I've been with. Everything we do is geared towards providing our clients the absolute best Real Estate experience they have ever had. 
The broker support is unparalleled and the systems we have in place allows us to stay organized and in control of all of the business, at every stage, without missing a beat. MMR agents have a reputation for being very attentive and on top of things. This is because Mike not only hires the absolute best agents but also because the internal systems and support we have are top notch. 
The team is also a phenomenal group of people! There is a strong bond between all of us. We are in constant communication with each other via a group chat. In Real Estate, there are so many complicated variables that can come up. There isn't a scenario that someone hasn't experienced. It's incredible to be a part of a team where we are all working together to ensure a smooth and easy transaction for every single client."

Ryan Burke Listing/Buyer Specialist

More About Ryan >>
"I joined Mike's team because I wanted a change. As everyone knows sometimes that comes with a fear when walking into something new. I promise you, that is one thing you do not have to worry about. Joining Mike Mazyck Realty was the best thing I could have done and has brought me to a whole new level. It has made me see visions that I did not think were possible and the team effort you get by being part of this team just blows you away. I could not be happier for the choice that I have made!
Many brokerages it is every man for himself but, here I feel we are a family and everyone is here to help you the best way they can. I feel I have learned more in 6 months and done things to increase my business that I know I would have never done if I stayed at my previous brokerage. Mike and Anita, have truly helped me think outside the box and because of them I see myself further than I thought I could go.
I was not even close to being one of the top agents from my previous brokerage but within the first 6 months I joined Mike Mazyck Realty I was one of the top 3 sells agents twice. I now have higher goals set for myself this coming year all because I see that it is possible to reach them. If you have goals...Mike and Anita will assist you to reach them and give you more support than anyone I know."

Lisa Searles REALTOR

More About Lisa >>

"What an EXCELLENT decision I made to join Mike’s team! In only 3 months I have a long list of quality leads from taking a minimal amount of phone shifts. I don’t have to spend any time or money marketing because Mike has all that covered! Besides aggressive marketing, I find that Mike’s office is different in many having a team runner and listing coordinator who takes care of signs, lockboxes, photography and entering listings into the MLS. Another thing he offers is the Client Concierge program and it is fabulous! It makes a HUGE impression on our clients, in turn bringing lots of referrals! I also enjoy the group text that keeps us in constant communication with each other, allowing us to help each other out with the many situations we face as Realtors. Our Office Manager is amazing, so knowledgeable and available whenever we need her. I truly appreciate Mike’s attitude toward business which is to provide top-notch service to our clients and to always be honest. I actually have many more great things to share but I’ll sum things up with this: I’m very excited to be on Mike’s team!"

Angie Cariker

"I'm Angie and I am a newer agent with the Mazyck group. I have to say I have been very happy with my move to this agency. I truly feel as if I am part of a close family. 
The group meetings are very motivating and informative. I find myself looking forward to them just for the group time alone but I always come out having learned something.  I had the privilege of taking a listing class which was given by Mike and learned so many ways to improve my presentation, I felt like a new agent. They are always looking at ways to increase marketing and teach the agents how to manipulate the system to catch and convert.  I am on track to more than double my annual salary and I'm not exaggerating.   As great as I think the agency is, they are always looking for ways to improve.   My clients have raved about the concierge service which always makes me look good and increases communication making my job a lot easier.  
I could go on and on and I would be happy to talk more about my amazement if you would like to give me a call at 214/300-1780.  Honestly, if you feel like something is missing in your real estate career, come join our family. We'd love to have you. 
Angie Cariker

Eden Radebaugh

Hi Mike,
Thank you for thinking of me. I'm doing great! Busy Busy! Yes, my momentum is rolling strong. I have the following closings on the calendar:
June 15
June 23
June 30
July 10 x2
July 17
I have to tell you that I've been pondering the last few days how freaking much I have learned in the past two months. I can tell I'm getting better. Knowledge is power, right. Now I do have to admit I've made a few mistakes here and there. 
This team is amazing! Anita is priceless. She's so patient and kind and always available.  The commradery that this team has is a beautiful thing. I don't know if you ever see the group texts but it's truly awesome. Anytime any one has a question or needs anything there are so many people eager to help. 
I truly feel so blessed that I was put here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to being the next Kathie! I think
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