• Basic Job Description: The Inside Sales Agent position will be spending 80-90% of their time converting warm leads into appts for our sales agents.  These leads will be coming in over the phone or via internet. 10-20% of the position will involve lead tracking, processing, and working within various excel documents.
  • Real Estate License Required!!!
  • PART TIME--This position will be PART TIME and will require somewhere between 20-30 hours per week on average.  The schedule will change from week to week but WILL REQUIRE SOME HOURS ON EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS!
  • Candidate must have strong OVER THE PHONE sales skills!  Candidate should be able to clearly articulate themselves, answer the phone with a smile, demonstrate a pleasant attitude, and have a heart to serve the client on the other end of the phone!
  • This is a work from home position- must have a quiet work environment and access to phone,computer,and internet.
  • Compensation will be a combination of hourly pay + Commissions on closings that come from appts generated by the I.S.A.  Hourly pay will start at $15.00/hr. Position would likely pay somwhere between 30-40k per year in TOTAL COMPENSATION* depending upon how good the candidates sales and follow up skills are.    * This is in now way a guarantee of total compensation.  The only guaranteed income will come from hourly pay.  All other income is commission based.*  Candidate should go into the position knowing that it will take some time to develop a "pipeline" of leads that are ready to buy and actually closing. However, the position should become more and more financially lucrative the longer the candidate remains with the company.