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selling your texas home during the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. Whether you’re out shopping for presents or preparing treats for the office, wrapping presents after the kids have gone to bed or trying to plan the logistics of visiting as much family as you can, there’s no shortage of things to do this time of year for most families. Add to that the concept of trying to sell a home, and most might react with the phrase “are you crazy?”

The short answer? No. In fact, the holidays are a great time to sell your home, and here’s why:

1. Everyone Has More Availability

This is the time of the year when almost everyone has some time off. The kids are out of school, most activities are done until January, and employers typically let their employees make the most of the

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The ONE BIG LIE Credit Companies Want You To Believe...and other Credit Myths

It’s no secret that credit reports are confusing and difficult to read. Perhaps universities should offer classes like, How To Interpret My Credit Report. Even if you’re familiar with the ins and outs of credit reporting, the “Big Three” bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union – make it particularly challenging because they all analyze, collect, and report credit data differently; which explains why there are often huge discrepancies in our scores.

  How is Credit Scored? 

There is a ton of misinformation floating around out there about how credit is scored - FICO, Beacon, Fair Isaac, etc. Let's take a few moments and debunk a couple of those myths about what does and

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Thinking About a New Year’s Resolution?


What Would You Do With An Extra $1300?

  • Take a vacation?
  • Open a CD for your (grand)child?
  • Pay off your Kohls charge?
  • Make a nice donation to your favorite charity?
  • Use it for a home improvement project?

What about helping kids learn to save money? Maybe $1300 doesn’t go very far for us adults these days, but that’s a nice chunk of change for a kiddo. Well, here’s a fun way to put a little bit of money aside each week without breaking the bank! Start your kids early on learning the discipline and benefits of saving money. Teaching them when they're young about the proper ways to give, spend, and save money will lay a solid foundation for financial wisdom

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Moving With A Dog Or Cat: 5 Tips For Stress-Free Move For Fido & Fluffy

quiet roomWhile moving to a new home can be very exciting, it can also be quite stressful if you're moving with pets. The good news is, there are several things we, as pet owners can do to make moving with a dog or cat a much easier transition. Your furry friends will thank you for it!

Plan Ahead

If you will have your pets present on moving day, have a room cleared out and designated for Fido & Fluffy to ensure that they are free from the chaos of multiple strangers in and out of the house. Tape a “do not disturb” note on the door to keep helpers out. If possible, perhaps a familiar friend or family member can watch over them in the room and keep them calm and comfortable.

Make A

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